Asgardian Webinar on NFTs on 12-Apr-22-18:46:29

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Asgardian Webinar on NFTs April 12, 2022 Taurus 19, 0006 1700 UTC

On 18 Taurus 0006 (12 April 2022), an online seminar on NFT was conducted by Asgardia. The seminar was broadcast live on Asgardia TV.


The principal organiser of the event, titled ‘Current Developments in Crypto-Security, Cybersecurity Concerns in a Digital Economy and NFT Payload and Asset Initiatives in Space’, was Cheryl Gallagher, Minister of Culture of Asgardia, her co-panellists being Jennifer Gligoric, Minister of Equity and Resources, and Michael Chirino, Minister of Safety & Security of Asgardia.