EntrePods Ep:224 featuring EA Csolkovitz teaching Givers how to become millionaires.

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This week's episode we find out how the son of a milkman stuck in a dead-end job as a janitor in Chicago and ended up in a forced meeting he didn't want to go to and barely showed up to the person from Detroit that became his mentor and by the time he was 23 he helped him became a millionaire.

Since then he's spent decades scaling and founding incredible initiatives that created thousands of jobs and teaches how to become abundant through abundant giving.

Come and sit with us as we dig into how we can change the giver/taker dynamics in our own lives to create the environment we need to really succeed, be happy and live full lives.

You can follow EA Csolkovitz & Givers University here: Twitter: @GiversU | LI / Instagram/YouTube: @GiversUniversity

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