Asgardia and it's Mission - An inspirational Reel

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Please watch from the heart more than the mind, this is an artistic visioning of our concept that reflects upon Asgardia's mission and what it will mean for us to actually leave our planet for space, especially the massive impact of that move on the lives of our future generations (that may easily know nothing about life on Earth) as well how Asgardia may be far into the future...

So to be clear, this is not a comprehensive or scientific depiction of our future, many "How?" questions are not at all addressed, it is a piece speaking to the heart of "Why?" we do this and "Who?" we aspire to be in Asgardia... thanks for watching, please do subscribe and ring the bell notification!

Video short - written and produced by Cheryl Gallagher, as part of the Culture presentation of the XIII sitting of Asgardia's Parliament.

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Misc Video Credits:, Gracie G Productions