Warm Birthday Greetings to Dr. Ashurbeyli from Ministers 0005

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Short video of Asgardia's Ministers wishing Dr. Igor Ashurbeyli, Head of Nation, a very Happy Birthday, year 0005 (2021). Produced by Minister of Culture, Cheryl Gallagher.

Prime Minister, Mrs. Lena DeWinne,
Minister of Finance, Mr. Mark Bogen
Minister of Science, Prof. Floris Wuyts
Minister of Trade and Commerce, Mr. Ben Dell
Minister of Manufacturing, Mr. Jacob Mulder
Minister of Safety and Security, Mr. Michael Chirino
Minister of Youth and Education, Mr. Dan Profir
Minister of Information and Communications, Mr. Dennis Shoemaker
Minister of Justice, Mr. Mark Beer
Minister of Citizenship, Mr. Ivan Rosel
Minister of Culture, Ms. Cheryl Gallagher