EntrePods Ep 221: Changing Your Money Environment to Work for You with Ryan Clark of QubeMoney

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In today’s episode, host Jennifer Gligoric talks with Ryan Clark, founder of Qube Money, author, and personal finance expert. Early on Ryan found success with real estate, flipping five houses at the age of 18. Later, as a mortgage broker, he found that his true passion was teaching people about money. In 2004, Ryan entered the financial services industry and in 2014 he authored his first book, The Order of Wealth,  which explains a simple process anyone can use to create and keep wealth.

As a financial planner for more than ten years, Ryan watched his clients fail at budgeting over and over again.  He would recommend programs, but none of them seemed to stick. He saw some success with the traditional cash envelope budgeting system; however, they’d usually fall off the wagon when clients shopped online.

So Ryan took the cash envelope system and made it digital. Ryan launched  Qube Money intending to provide better tools, systems,  and training to clients, allowing them to work toward real financial freedom.  Ryan tells us that budgeting is painful for people, more painful than spending money freely and dealing with the consequences of major debt. This is where Ryan realized the environment people are trying to budget in is all wrong. Ryan came up with Qube Money, and inside the app he created, he’s made a system that makes you less reactionary and more intentional about budgeting and spending.

Listen to the entire episode to hear all of Ryan’s expert tips for budgeting your money.  To learn more about Ryan Clark, visit: https://qubemoney.com

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