EntrePods Ep: 219 Chad Peterson & Exit Strategies. Sell your business & help younger generations.

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Join EntrePods & host Jennifer Gligoric as she speaks to one of the nation's top Business Brokers with intense Mergers & Acquisitions experience who helps business owners get the most money for their business through aggressive & strategic exit strategies.

This author of two books, his tenacity and ability to navigate the often tricky world of business evaluation, staging & sales strategy tells our listeners what they need to do in order to get the most money for their business, why it's important for business owner's to have timed exit strategies & why selling your business isn't just better for you but also helps our economy & younger generations.

We dive into the process of selling a business, why having the right broker is key to getting what you deserve and how to properly vet brokers and what questions to ask - and much more.

To learn more about Chad - go here: https://petersonacquisitions.com/

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