EntrePods Ep. 218: How to Pay Off your Home in 5-7 Years with Michael Lush

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In this episode, our host Jennifer Gligoric sits down with Michael Lush, founder of ReplaceYourMortgage.com.  Michael teaches us the difference between a mortgage and a home equity loan. 

He says selling mortgages is like selling financial crack to middle America. He decided to create a class where he started teaching others how to pay off a home much faster than a mortgage.

He started teaching others about Home Equity Lines of Credit  (HELOC). This method allows homeowners to pay off their homes in 5-7 years, instead of the traditional 15-30 years, it takes to pay off a mortgage. 

He explains how to use HELOCs as a checking and savings account and how to effectively pay off a home loan in a way that will completely change the home loan industry as we know it. 

To find out more about Michael Lush, visit: replaceyourmortgage.com

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