EntrePods EP 217: Become Your Greatest Possible Self with Christopher Burns

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In this episode, Jennifer and Tammy talk with Christopher Burns.  Christopher dedicates his life to coaching men to active their purpose, power, and prosperity.  In his teachings, he turns inward to create and master dreams into realities.  Christopher has been coaching men, entrepreneurs, leaders, and professionals to success for almost a decade and works with clients through 1-on-1 and group coaching, masterminds, and home study courses. Christopher tells us to channel our power go to activate our prosperity codes that will eliminate self-sabotage and embody success and increase our impact on our work and lives. It takes courage to face what is out of alignment. 

Christopher goes on to say how to be honest with ourselves is to surround ourselves with people who will challenge us.

The only thing that could make this episode better is to go to our YouTube channel and see Christopher and his amazing chakra headband!

To learn more about Christopher Burns, visit: https://beyourgps.com/ and https://menmastermind.com/  

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