EntrePods Ep 216: Transitioning Military Service Members into Entrepreneurs with John Rubino

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This week on Entrepods, Jennifer and Tammy sit down with John Rubino. John is the COO, Founder & Co-Managing Partner of JID Investments LLC (JIDI). JIDI is a real estate private money & equity investment firm that seeks to secure high yield returns with medium risk by providing investment capital to individuals & businesses with viable residential, commercial & mixed-use real estate business and/or investment opportunities. John’s primary responsibilities include executing daily operations of JIDI to include marketing & advertisement, website & social media design, investor & client relations, extensive due diligence review of all prospective investors & business clients, financial & revenue analysis, & securing of investment source for project funding resulting in investment of over $28.2M for the company. JIDI has over $20.9M invested on eight executing projects (three in Washington, DC, one in Frederick, MD, and in Richmond, VA, and three in Atlanta). To find out more about John Rubino, visit the website: http://www.jidinvestments.com Want to be an EntrePod? It's Free! Go Here: https://bit.ly/3i9814W' Love what you're hearing? Let us know: https://lovethepodcast.com/entrepods Follow Us! https://followthepodcast.com/entrepods EntrePods is on all listening platforms, YouTube and AsgardiaTV!