EntrePods Ep: 202 Gustavo Castro, Using Facebook for Organic Growth in 2021

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Episode 202: How to Use Facebook to Organically Add Value with Gustavo Castro Today Jennifer speaks to Gustavo Castro, inside sales guru with the largest real estate sales teams in North America.  Gustavo started out at Microsoft and rose to senior engineer then left after their reorganization in 2013.  He got licensed in real estate in the crash of 2010 but was in the right place at the right time and was able to invest well in his own company.

Gustavo uses Facebook to organically advertise.

  • He tells us that all you need is time to add value and attention and awareness.
  • Creating valuable content for your audience is the best way to grow and engage your audience.

Tune in for some great tips from Gustavo, he adds huge value to anyone looking to run ads on social media. To reach Gustavo, visit:  https://www.powerisa.com/ and https://getspeedtolead.com/

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