EntrePods Ep 203: Reach Out and Follow Up with Adam Carswell

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In this episode, our host Jennifer sits down with Adam Carswell, podcast creator and host of Dream Chasers Podcast. Adam is here to discuss the Cashflow Connections Mentorship Program started by Hunter Thompson. Adam found Hunter when listening to another podcast the Hunter was a guest on and decided he would reach out to Hunter to start a collaboration.  Adam had no idea that his outreach and follow-up would lead to 4 years later collaborating with Hunter on the Cashflow Connection Mentorship program. Hunter is also a podcast host of Cashflow Connections and has a real estate investment firm Asym Capital.
To learn more about Adam and  the Cashflow Connections Mentorship Program, visit https://www.cfcmentorshipprogram.com, and https://www.raisingcapitalforrealesta...,
For Dream Chasers Podcast, visit:   https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast... To connect with Adam, visit:  https://carswell.io/

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