EntrePods Episode 205 with Kaluwah Galikar

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On today’s show, Jennifer talks with Kaluwa Galikar, host of Breakthrough or Bust Podcast, life, health, and business coach at imperfectlyamazing.com, and owner of Claritea.com.  Kaluwa tells us about how she lost her father due to a medical mishap and decided to dedicate her time and energy to finding preventative solutions with natural ingredients that she uses in teas to help people find wellness the natural way. Kaluwa tells us that being grateful for the little accomplishments will lead to bigger successes. The mindfulness of making attainable goals and reverse engineering those goals into small achievable steps is the pathway to success. 
To learn more about Kaluwa and her handcrafted teas, visit: https://clariteabouteaque.com/ and https://imperfectlyamazing.com/
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