Episode 206: What Should Real Estate Investors be Looking at Moving Forward? with Shannon Robnett

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Today Entrepods is excited to welcome back a wonderful guest, the host of Robnett’s Real Estate Run Down Podcast, real estate developer, and all-around great guy Shannon Robnett. Shannon specializes in multifamily and industrial real estate in the greater Boise area. 
Shannon discusses what real estate investors should be looking for moving forward out of the pandemic. He also educates us on learning the laws of your state about how landlords are viewed vs. tenants. 
  • It is very important to understand laws to operate as a real estate investor.
  • Being proactive especially in times of struggle.
  • Your property managers and their mindset are also a priority in succeeding in real estate investing.
Shannon tells us to find people that love what they do, pay them well to do it, and then leave them alone (don’t micromanage, trust your employees). Listen in for more great tips and valuable lessons from Shannon Robnett.  
To learn more about Shannon Robnett, visit: https://www.shannonrobnett.com/ and https://www.myverticalequity.com/
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