EntrePods Ep 211: Find Your North Star, Your No. 1 Goal with Perry Gladstone

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Today host Jennifer Gligoric talk with Perry Gladstone, founder and owning partner of The Moonshot Collective, a global network of accomplished leaders and innovators committed to solving each other’s challenges, fueling each other’s development, and supporting purpose-driven organizations. Perry and Jennifer discuss why isolation is a common denominator for all entrepreneurs, especially those who are very successful. 
Perry talks about tools he uses to help entrepreneurs get out of the vicious cycle of isolation that can lead to burnout. Perry explains the more successful you are, the more isolated you become and the less space you have to ask for help.
Listen to the episode to hear more of how Perry helps create sustainable results for entrepreneurs to reach their goals.  To learn more about Perry Gladstone, visit: https://themoonshotcollective.com/
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