Entrepods EP 213: The Science Behind Making Good Decisions with Gerard Ibarra

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Today, Entrepods host Jennifer talks with Gerard Ibarra, Ph.D., a consultant, author, speaker, and serial entrepreneur. He helps companies, businesses, and institutions facing a multitude of internal conflicts with departmental alignment for the betterment of the entire business.

He uses his framework, which he wrote about in his book Good Decisions, Better Outcomes, coupled with mathematical modeling and system analysis that considers cost, service, and the company’s ecosystem to aid his clients with the decision-making process. Gerard talks about his 5 steps to making decisions. He tells us most importantly to use critical thinking, big picture/long-term ideals, and create an exit strategy. Listen in to find out more pro tips on systematic decision-making that can transform your business to operate at maximum efficiency.   

To learn more about Gerard Ibarra, visit: https://gerardibarra.com/

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