GRATITUDE ATTACK -- 10,592 One Days at a Time = 29 YEARS of FREEDOM!!!

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At the age of 24 I was able to summon just enough energy and courage to be able to drag myself to a room in Ocean Beach, California that CHANGED MY LIFE, F-O-R-E-V-E-R. With the help and guidance of a few guys and gals and by the end of that meeting, I was able to not have had a drink or ingest any drugs for 27 hours. WOW!!! Today I am able to celebrate and acknowledge my true friends, brothers, sisters, mentors, sponsors and sponsees that have and Continue to save my life, sometimes on an hourly basis!
"I have a peace from within and in exchange for the bottle and a hangover, I have been given the Keys to the Kingdom"
Thanks Buddha. I owe you a smoothie!