Don’t Miss Two Asgardia Webinars This Week

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We’d like to remind our dear Asgardians that two webinars are there to follow later this week. First, Cheryl Gallagher and the Ministry of Culture will host an event on, naturally, space culture. The very next day, Dan Profir and the Ministry of Youth and Education will conduct a webinar presenting the SwitchedON! global online academy.

Asgardian residents have already received the direct links for participating in the discussion via Zoom. All the rest can watch the webinars live on Asgardia TV.

Webinar 1 details

Date: Thursday, 05 Pisces 0007 (02 February 2023)

Time: 17:00 UTC

Site: Asgardia TV

Topic: Evolving space culture

Ministry: Culture

Host: Cheryl Gallagher, Minister of Culture of Asgardia

Expert: Frank White, space philosopher, M.Phil. in Politics (Oxford University), author of The Overview Effect: Space Exploration and Human Evolution, co-founder, president and board chairman of Human Space Program

Panellists: Clive Simpson, Room Magazine editor; Ariadne Gallardo, Chair of Citizenship Committee

Webinar 2 details

Date: Friday, 06 Pisces 0007 (03 February 2023)

Time: 16:00 UTC

Site: Asgardia TV

Topic: SwitchedON!, the global online academy

Ministry: Youth and Education

Host: Dan Profir, Minister of Youth and Education

Expert: Clare Ford, founder of SwitchedON! global online academy and education platform, an award-winning international author, academic coach, and education expert with over 20 years’ teaching experience