Registration of Candidates for Second Asgardian Parliament

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Registration of Candidates for Second Asgardian Parliament Commences Soon

Pisces 13, 0007 (Feb 10, 2023)

A section will open on the Asgardian official website on that day, 4 Aries of year 7 (1 March 2023), where Space Nation residents who meet the constitutional criteria will be able to run for Parliament and post their election programmes.

The course of elections to the second Asgardian Parliament is regulated by Decree Number 68 and the Appendix to the Decree of the Head of the Space Nation, Dr Igor Ashurbeyli. Both documents were published on Year Day, 29 Capricornus 0006 (31 December 2022).

As per the Decree, from 4 Aries to 9 Gemini of year 7 (1 March thur 1 May 2023), Asgardia residents who are 18 years old as of 4 Aries of year 7 (1 March 2023) and who have their residency status valid until at least 8 Leo of year 7 (25 June 2023), are eligible to run for office (or be nominated to Parliament by other residents) via the Asgardia official website, "Asgardia Dot Space".

Voting for the candidates will take place digitally 18 Gemini through 23 Gemini of year 7 (10-15 May 2023). Again, residents of Asgardia of the full legal age are eligible to vote.

As a reminder, the first version of the Asgardian Constitution had an age limit. At the initiative of the residents who proposed the corresponding amendment to the Constitution, it was removed for the residents running for Parliament, as well as for the candidates for other official positions in the Space Nation, as per the results of the Referendum held on 28 Libra (9 September) last year.

The primary law of Asgardia stipulates that the Parliament consists of 150 members elected for a term of five years in nationwide equal and direct elections on the basis of language in proportion to the 12 official languages of Asgardia (English, Turkish, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German, French, Arabic, Farsi, Hindi). The 13th District is formed for speakers of other languages.

The first parliamentary elections were held in the spring of 0002 (2018). On 07 Leo (24 June), the members of Parliament had their first physical meeting in Vienna. Their terms of office will expire in Leo of year 7 (June 2023).

The results of the second election will be announced on 28 Gemini of year 7 (20 May 2023).

Details of the nomination and voting procedure can be found in the Statute on the Election.
For more election information go to Asgardia.Space