Asgardians and Experts on Evolving Space Culture

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Asgardians and Experts on Evolving Space Culture
Pisces 9, 07 (Feb 06, 2023)

Thursday, 05 Pisces 0007 (2 February 2023), was the day when the 17th Asgardia webinar was held. Cheryl Gallagher, Minister of Culture of Asgardia, was joined by Ariadne Gallardo, Chair of the Asgardian Parliament’s Citizenship Committee, to welcome Frank White, space philosopher and author of The Overview Effect: Space Exploration and Human Evolution, co-founder, president and board chairman of Human Space Program, and talk about evolving space culture.

The event was broadcast live on Asgardia TV. In case you missed the show, the recordings are available.

Below is a brief overview of the webinar.

The host, Cheryl Gallagher, started with presenting the team of the day and, in particular, the lead expert, Frank White, the author of the groundbreaking overview effect trilogy describing the overwhelming sense of awe and shifts in consciousness expressed uniformly among astronauts returning from space.

From Ms. Gallagher’s video

Then she proceeded to demonstrate a video raising some important questions about humanity in space and on our home planet. It also featured a Star Trek star and an amateur astronaut William Shatner, whom Ms. Gallagher had a chance to meet recently. William Shatner was quite eloquent in describing his historic experience and his deep and profound personal shift in consciousness.

Frank White reminded of the mantra he keeps repeating, and that is, we are in space. We have always been in space, and we will always be in space - conceptually. We live on a planet that is really functioning as a spaceship, because we are moving through the universe.

But when the astronauts go into space, they see the reality of our situation, and that's what happened to William Shatner. He saw the reality, and he saw the truth, the experiential realisation that we are in space, which is what makes the overview effect different from everyday life. Despite what some specialists say, Frank believes the overview effect can also be experienced on a suborbital flight, although it’s quite short and close to the Earth.