UK Media on Asgardia’s Pilot Space Procreation Launch

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UK Media on Asgardia’s Pilot Space Procreation Launch

Pisces 16, 07 (Feb 13, 2023)

Dr Edelbroek unravels details on his forthcoming mission and more

Asgardia’s focal space childbirth mission has been making headlines this new year. Inspired by Dr Igor Ashurbeyli’s visionary plans and warmly welcomed by him to join the Space Nation, Dr Egbert Edelbroek has been its prominent Parliament Member and a mastermind behind the practical implementation of Asgardian off-planet procreation endeavor. This did not go unnoticed by the world press, and Dr Edelbroek came to the fore already for the third time since the turn of the year, after his fascinating space birth webinar followed by an interview to the UK’s Inews. This time, Dazed, another British media outlet, approached the Dutch scientist to learn more about his upcoming space embryology missions.

First off, the Dazed reporter brings up burning issues like developing space tourism and claiming interstellar property rights, both gaining momentum and opening a whole can of worms legally speaking. As our terrestrial civilization deepens further into space exploring it, that entails other inevitable challenges, such as zero G, ionizing cosmic rays, and human conception away from our home planet. And a number of people working out viable global solutions to these issues are associated with Asgardia, the first-ever Space Nation founded back in 2016.
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