SwitchedON and Alternate Routes into Education

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The 18th Asgardia webinar, arranged by the Ministry of Youth and Education, took place on 06 Pisces 0007 (3 February 2023). It featured Clare Ford, an award-winning author, coach and education specialist, founder of the SwitchedON! online academy offering inspirational education solutions, as an external expert. Also present were Dan Profir (host), the Minister of Education, Cheryl Gallagher, the Minister of Culture, and Jennifer Gligoric, the Minister of Equity and Resources of Asgardia.

As usual, the event was broadcast live on Asgardia TV. Please find below a short outline of the webinar.

Dan Profir in his preface recalled the previous webinars in the series started last year. It is aiming to explore an array of routes into education other than what we are used to call the mainstream education, and that's a response to the increasing concerns of both Asgardians and non-Asgardians, parents, in respect to the quality of education the national curriculum in many of our countries is offering at present.

The floor was then given to Clare Ford, presented by Dan as ‘the founder of SwitchedON! Academy and, more than that, a facilitator of the Home Education Hub, a holder of three degrees, including the PGCE (the UK teaching qualification), a team mentor trained at Oxford Brookes University, a best-selling author, speaker and entrepreneur, with over two decades of experience, and many more.’

Clare Ford (link 1, link 2) said that, especially after the pandemic stroke, she realised that her mission, with all this wealth of experience, was to help people, to help parents and give them some strategies to educate children at home. That’s how the Home Education Hub was born. It grew very quickly. With this more holistic, child-centred approach, she was able to step outside the old paradigm of education, do the things that she knew would work, and actually get exponential results in a much smaller time frame. All of the above later translated into a book, an international bestseller.

And again, more and more people are feeling deeply frustrated by the mainstream education system, and are now finding ways to step out of the box, step out of the confinement of this system designed 200 years ago to cater for the Industrial Revolution, which is no longer on the table.