Outcomes of the First Government Meeting in the New Year

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Last Friday was the first Cabinet meeting of the year. On the agenda was the annual plan to implement the objectives set by the Head of the Space Nation, Dr. Igor Ashurbeyli.

Prime Minister Lena De Winne, opening the meeting, emphasised the Cabinet’s readiness to assist in every possible way in the practical realisation of Asgardia’s ideas in the 12 major areas of its activity. The development of these areas year by year, step by step, brings the Space Nation closer to its main mission - the birth of the first human child in space.

The 12 major areas of Asgardia activities are Science, Law (Justice), Citizenship, Foreign Affairs, Finance, Trade and Commerce, Manufacturing, Equity and Resources, Culture, Youth and Education, Safety and Security, Information and Communications. A specific ministry is responsible for each.

In particular, this year's plans for the Ministry of information and communications include improving and developing new methods of communication within the Asgardian community. And, increasing Asgardia's brand awareness and increasing its audience, including residents, is a common objective for all ministries.

Ministers considered strategies for positioning materials about Asgardia on various digital platforms. This included the development of the AsgardiaTV channel, which is gradually becoming the main source of video content about the Space Nation and its objectives.

The open webinar project, created by the Government, is gaining popularity. This week, the following meetings with experts will be held live: the Evolution of Space Culture webinar by the Ministry of Culture and its head, Cheryl Gallagher, featuring space philosopher Frank White, and the discussion with SwitchedON! Online Academy founder Claire Ford, hosted by the Ministry of Youth and Education. Ms. Ford and Asgardian Minister of Youth and Education Dan Profir will discuss modern methods of unlocking children's potential.
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