Evolving Space Culture: Next Asgardian Webinar

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As previously announced, the next Asgardian webinar was supposed to be the SwitchedON! education event hosted by the Ministry of Youth and Education, Minister of Culture Cheryl Gallagher being one of its panellists. No worries, the webinar will run its course.

However, we are pleased to invite the Asgardians and supporters to yet another webinar organised a day earlier, on 05 Pisces 0007 (02 February 2023). Cheryl Gallagher will be its host.

Webinar details

Date: Thursday, 05 Pisces 0007 (02 February 2023)

Time: 17:00 UTC

Site: Asgardia TV

Ministry: Culture

Topic: Evolving Space Culture

Host: Cheryl Gallagher, Minister of Culture of Asgardia

Expert: Frank White, space philosopher, M.Phil. in Politics (Oxford University), author of The Overview Effect: Space Exploration and Human Evolution, co-founder, president and board chairman of Human Space Program

Panellists: Clive Simpson, Room Magazine editor; Ariadne Gallardo, Chair of Citizenship Committee

“As we plan our migration off the planet, perhaps we will learn more about healing our relationship with it. We're convening a diverse community to collectively author a living blueprint for sustainable expansion into our solar ecosystem. We have an opportunity to write a new story for humanity, to choose stewardship and unity over conquering and dividing.” (from the Human Space Program website)

This webinar will be a panel discussion about the topic of human cultural evolution in space, the possibilities for transcending humanities baser qualities in favour of evolved human living and potential.