British Press on Asgardias Upcoming Space IVF Mission

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After the Space Nation’s successful Space Procreation Webinar held earlier this month - the very first one this new year and already the 16th altogether - the upcoming Asgardian IVF experimental mission is being closely followed by a national British outlet Inews. In his comprehensive article, Cahal Milmo focuses on both: the Space Nation headed by Dr. Ashurbeyli and its target aspirations at large as well as the details on the suborbital test flight thoroughly prepared by the Asgardia’s Member of Parliament Dr. Egbert Edelbroek and his scientific team in particular.

Asgardia, a visionary space nation officially established in 2016 by a progressive scientist and prominent public figure Dr. Igor Ashurbeyli, thinking far ahead of his time, already counts with a population over 1 million registered Asgardians from all over the world. Deeply concerned with human extinction neared by terrestrial (potentially nuclear) conflicts, climate change, and ultimately, the Sun ceasing to exist, the Nation set ‘the birth of the first human child in space’ as its primary mission in its state Constitution amended just a few months ago.
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